Well you would be very surprised that are running a list of the Top Ten companies who have are infringing our registered trademark and passing off events as Authentic White Party Events.

In the top spot we have:


Lowercase Events & Fatsoma Ltd

Between them they have about 30 sites all selling tickets to "Official" Freshers Week Parties

No they are not and they have been passing off White Party events in world leading clubs like Fabric. as authentic for the past two years, how did we find out, a student contacted us,,,So they have been raking in £million of pounds hidden between 6 companies that are limited and a load of fake Student Events Companies created by guess who ?? the guys at run by the guys at Fatsoma Ltd So do not buy thickets to any event without first checking here.


Also tied into this and the one who bang on about taking IP and Trade Mark infringement seriously are i can tell you do not if it stops them lining their pockets Eventbrite. 2 emails and a formal Cease & Deist and they still wont comply, even thought they know they are still infringing our rights well we will see about that...but our enforcement team is slightly more update to date then the Content Review Team and they are in for a treat, the fact they are not only selling the Freshers Weeks fraudulent events,they are also selling others. but the law is clear if you are aware of infringements and acknowledge and still allow it then you are you no where to go legally.


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